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Benefits of installing an automated garage door

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Benefits of installing an automated garage door

It seems like automation has taken over so much that everything from coffee machines to car parking seems automated in today’s world. It feels like automation has become a part of our daily life.

So if automation has become so convenient, why can’t you have an automated garage door? An automated garage door has many benefits. People might have a misconception that these garage doors will be expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Let us tell you that if you keep a garage door in proper condition, it will be a massive benefit for you.

When you are considering an automated garage door, make sure that you hire professionals for installing it. There are many benefits when you install an automated garaged door, including.


Just like everything with automation, automated garage doors minimize your work effort and gives you extra convenience when you open a garage door. Having this type of garage door, you will not have to carry extra keys anymore. Instead, you will just need a remote to open and close the garage door. You can also add a face or finger lock to access the garage door for more convenience.

The one major benefit is that you will not have to get out of your car again to open and close your garage door. Whenever you are coming home late at night or are in a hurry, you don’t have to worry. Just close your garage door using a remote.

It’s great to say goodbye to all those manual garage doors that require you to open and close in the shivery cold or the burning heat of the sun.

Enhances security

Whenever we purchase a home or build one, the one main thing that is taken care of is the house’s safety and security. You will be surprised to know that automated garage doors can keep your home secure in multiple ways.

Some automated garage doors have a vacation mode where you can prevent someone from opening your garage door with a remote when you are away for an extended period. The garage door will only work when the security key code is typed on the door’s keypad. It prevents thieves from breaking into a garage during the time you are gone.

This could happen to you. When you are not at home, and someone you know needs to enter your garage with your permission, you might not trust that person enough to tell you the master code. In such cases, there is a temporary guest keypad where you can enter a temporary code. Like this, you will not have to change your passcode again and again.

Also, in some garage doors, there is a light deterrent siren. It starts ringing when someone tries to enter your garage forcefully.

Smart technology utilization

Did you know that you can use your smartphone to operate a garage door? Yes, this is true and is best for people who, most of the time, forget to lock their garage door and drive off to their destination. Isn’t it great that you won’t have to turn around to close your garage door? One-click on your smartphone, and it is closed!

These are some of the benefits of installing an automated garage door. So now, if you think that installing one would be beneficial for you, then the company you can hire for installation is North Valley Garage Doors. We are one of the best professional companies that are efficient and affordable!

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